CRC Salomon’s Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), the Ears for the Hearing Impaired

It’s estimated 28 million Americans suffer significant hearing loss yet only 500,000 are able to communicate with sign language. People who are deaf, or hard of hearing, must rely on other methods like hearing aids or lip reading. To allow individuals to participate in important proceedings/events, the Americans with Disabilities Act stipulates that auxiliary aid be offered.

The ADA includes realtime captioning (CART) in its definition of auxiliary aid.

CRC Salomon provides CART services so the deaf and hard of hearing can fully participate in:

  • Legal proceedings
  • Public hearings
  • Business meetings
  • Classrooms
  • Seminars
  • Large conferences with live video pictures

CRC Salomon can provide you with a certified court reporter or certified CART provider to type shorthand which is instantaneously translated into English text and displayed on a computer or video screen.

CRC Salomon CART Services Ensures the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are Full Participants in your Proceedings, Training and Meetings

To arrange CART services anytime or anywhere go to schedule a service, contact us or call (410) 821-4888.