CRC Salomon Gives You Accurate, Convenient Anytime, Anywhere Court Reporting, Transcription, Video and Audio Recording Services

CRC Salomon provides a full line of convenient 24/7 court reporting services to the legal profession, governments, schools and businesses. We provide you court reporting and transcription services at:

  • Your location
  • CRC Salomon, Inc.’s offices
  • Any off site location

CRC Salomon, Inc. has no geographic limits. We can operate anywhere in the country, or the world, directly, remotely or through our network of qualified court reporting firms.

The services we provide you include:

  • Deposition
  • Arbitration Video
  • Video Conferencing/Video Streaming
  • Video Deposition
  • CD and Tape Transcription
  • CART—Computer Aided Realtime Translation

Reducing Client Stress

CRC Salomon helps to reduce client stress by being timely on all their projects. Your deadlines are our deadlines.

We’re always on the leading edge of innovations that make court reporting services:

  • More convenient
  • More accurate, and
  • The most timely, with the fastest turnaround on your cases and proceedings

CRC Salomon court reporters are available to meet your schedule at the designated locations. In the event of a sudden change of schedules or locations, CRC Salomon’s customer service staff can leverage our pool of court reporters and technology advantages, even on short notice. We’ll do our best to help you avoid costly reschedules that delay the outcome of your case.

Giving You Peace of Mind

For your peace of mind and convenience, CRC Salomon provides a safe and secure file repository. Clients have access via a secure computer connection to all past transactions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This service is available to all CRC Salomon clients so they can access the details of any:

  • Proceeding
  • Public hearing, or
  • Meeting…

…whenever and wherever you need that information.

CRC Salomon is THE Choice for Convenient, Accurate, Professional and Safe Reporting Services Anytime Anywhere

To schedule—or reschedule—your next proceeding click to Schedule a Service or call CRC Salomon Inc’s customer service at (410) 821-4888 or Contact Us.