There’s No One Thing that Makes CRC Salomon, Inc. Different from Other Court Reporting Firms…

There Are Three!

CRC Salomon has a history of providing high quality work dating back to 1898. Our longevity is based on professionalism at every level of the organization that ensures your work is done right and on time.

Professionalism and experience are important; however, CRC Salomon has three distinct characteristics that set us apart from other court reporting firms and keep clients coming back again and again.

In House Quality Control (QC) Measures and Processes

CRC Salomon employs a QC department headed by a professional editor for editing and scoping all of our clients’ work. This ensures the highest accuracy that attorneys demand to build stronger cases.

Thorough and professional QC measures eliminate lost time as well as the additional expense and inconvenience of re-work.

A New Technology Leader

CRC Salomon has a long history of being the first to adapt new technologies to the court reporting field.

Leveraging new technology helps us:

  • Speed up turnaround time
  • Enhance accuracy
  • Provide the convenience of anytime access to our clients’ cases

Our new Client Resource Center lets clients have an offsite repository for their cases and 24 hour access via secure internet connection. We also provide on line scheduling of new cases wherever the proceedings are scheduled. Adopting new technology allows us to provide additional services to include:

  • Video Conferencing/Video Streaming
  • Video Depositions
  • CD and tape transcriptions
  • CART—Computer Aided Realtime Translation

Intense Focus on Client Satisfaction

CRC Salomon’s focus on customer service gives you the peace of mind that our reporters will be:

  • At the right location
  • At the right time
  • With the right equipment to avoid any delay or disruptions to the proceedings

Our friendly and attentive staff will process your requests in a timely manner and the work is completed when you want it.

All Three CRC Salomon’s Differences Combine to Make Your Life and Work Easier

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