Video Depositions Enhances Testimony and Maximizes the Impact of Your Legal Case

CRC Salomon video depositions will strengthen your case by revealing signs that cannot be captured in a standard deposition.

A Video Deposition records the facts but also captures:

  • Inflection and tone
  • Emotion, intensity or lack of each
  • Body language
  • Eye movement
  • Hesitancy

Video depositions can be a key element to strengthening and winning your case because they create a lasting impact on judges and jurors.

CRC Salomon Video Deposition Services are Reliable and Flexible

CRC Salomon, a technology leader, uses state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled court reporters/legal video specialists who average 20 years experience. When you schedule a video deposition, we’ll ensure:

  • The highest quality audio and video of your proceedings
  • All video depositions will be delivered to your law firm in a timely manner
  • Our reporters and videographers record your proceedings and don’t become part of them
  • When necessary, we can cover your video deposition on short notice

CRC Salomon makes video depositions easy and convenient. We’ll provide the reporters, and all the equipment and technical know-how so you can concentrate all your efforts on building a strong case.

Choose CRC Salomon Video Deposition Services for Impact, Quality and Reliability Anywhere, Anytime

To schedule a video deposition. go to schedule a service, contact us or call (410) 821-4888.