Your Ability to Build a Strong Case Should Be Matched by the Ability to Accurately Report It

Depositions are vital to building the strongest case possible for your clients. The quality and impact of the deposition reflects the talents, time and efforts of the:

  • Lead attorney
  • His or her paralegals
  • The administrative support staff

A single deposition requires large investments in time, people and expense. Choosing the right court reporting firm is critical to protecting those investments.

CRC Salomon, Inc. has been the court reporter of choice for solo practitioners, small and medium practices and large multi-national legal firms since 1898. We understand that arranging and conducting a deposition—or any legal proceeding—is difficult and time consuming. Choosing who accurately reports your proceedings shouldn’t be.

CRC Salomon, Inc. has for your convenience:

  • Only experienced general and realtime reporters
  • Any time any where court reporting capability
  • Video conferencing and recording
  • 24/7 Automated Scheduling
  • Fast turn around times
  • Full-service conference room
  • Rush scheduling as needed
  • Rush processing services as needed
  • Archiving of proceedings with 24/7 secure internet availability

CRC Salomon, Inc. puts as much work into reporting your depositions and legal proceedings as you do preparing them.

To schedule a deposition, or any legal proceeding, go to schedule a service, click on contact us or call customer service at (410) 821-4888.



Realtime Reporting

For Instant and Accurate Documentation, CRC Salomon, Inc. Provides Reporting in Realtime™

To keep up with fast-moving cases and critical business information Realtime Court Reporting provides attorneys and business people with instant documentation.

What is Realtime Reporting?

CRC Salomon’s Reporting in Realtime™ services provides instant translation of shorthand into English. Our experienced Certified Realtime Reporters report your proceeding/meeting and send the text directly to your laptop, computer or video monitor. It provides an immediate record of the discussion without the delay of transcription.

Realtime Court Reporting can be used for:

  • Depositions
  • Arbitrations
  • Trials
  • Meetings
  • Public hearings

The Benefits of Reporting in Realtime™

CRC Salomon Realtime Reporting makes testimony—or meeting information—immediately available. This allows the realtime participants to:

  • Review, identify and expand on specific points of witness testimony in an arbitration or deposition
  • Use the resulting report for follow-up questions or for preparation of any next day testimony
  • Get reference points for follow-up questions or clarification on key points of any witness testimony
  • Allow the hearing impaired to fully participate in legal proceedings and key business meetings

Proceedings and meetings recorded in Realtime can be delivered in several formats to include:

  • ASC-II
  • E-transcripts
  • CD-ROM

CRC Salomon Reporting in Realtime™ For All Your Instant Documentation Needs

CRC Salomon Realtime Court Reporting services are available anytime and anywhere in the US from our approved partners. To schedule a Realtime deposition, arbitration or meeting, go to schedule a service, click on contact us or call customer service at (410) 821-4888.



Your Maryland Partner

Networking Relationships for Our Mutual Success

CRC Salomon, Inc. is always looking for quality partners across the U.S. to handle large, multi-jurisdictional and multi-party cases.

Networking with a quality court reporting firm, like yours, helps our clients contain litigation costs without compromising the quality service CRC Salomon’s clients have come to expect.

Likewise, CRC Salomon’s track record for speed, accuracy and outstanding customer service will ensure your clients get the same value and service they’ve come to expect from your firm.

CRC Salomon’s services include:

  • Deposition
  • Arbitration
  • Video Conferencing/Video Streaming
  • Video Deposition
  • CD and Tape Transcription
  • CART—Computer Aided Realtime Translation

If you have clients with multiple offices or multi-jurisdictional cases and need coverage in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland and across the Mid-Atlantic, we’re available to set up a professional relationship to meet your needs.

Network Partnership Program : Networking with CRC Salomon Will Expand Your Coverage and Help Your Clients
Contain Their Litigation Costs

To learn more about how networking with CRC Salomon can benefit your business, call (410) 821-4888 or send an email to