Get Face-to-Face Impact Without the Inconvenience and Cost of Travel

CRC Salomon offers video conference services that allow you to have meetings on short notice anywhere in the country or the world.

The modern technology of video conferencing/streaming saves you the inconvenience and cost of travel with just a simple phone call or click to our automated scheduling service.

Who Can Benefit from CRC Salomon’s Video Conference Services?

Put the time and money you save from traveling to better use in your law firm or business. Video conferencing/streaming is an excellent option for:

  • Law firms for depositions, examinations and other proceedings
  • Arbitrators and Mediators
  • Large multinational businesses with offices around the world
  • Small and medium businesses to save on travel and meeting costs
  • Stockholder and Board meetings
  • National or international conferences
  • Court proceedings when people cannot get to the physical location
  • Federal, state and municipal hearings and meetings
  • Schools, colleges and corporate training departments
  • Sales departments, for scheduling several meetings in one day
  • HR departments, for conducting interviews
  • Anyone who wants to connect with family and friends over any distance

CRC Salomon Makes Video Conferencing Easy

You can choose to set up your video conference:

  • At the CRC Salomon office
  • At a CRC Salomon partner’s office around the world

CRC Salomon video conferences are secure and we make the whole process easy to arrange with a single click to schedule a service or call to our offices at (410) 821-4888.

Tell us about your meeting/proceeding and we’ll take it from there. We’ll arrange the facilities, coordinators, technicians and videographers appropriate for your conference needs.

CRC Salomon Makes Video Conferencing Easy

To schedule a video conference go to schedule a service, contact us or call (410) 821-4888