Lori Dull, Partner Reporter

It has been a pleasure working with CRC Salomon over the past years. I can always expect an immediate response in a courteous, professional and competent manner. Truly a great team!

Linda Feeney, Partner Reporter

I would like to say it’s been great to be able to actually meet and speak with all the staff and some reporters of Salomon. I really enjoy and appreciate that because reporting can be pretty isolating in this modern era. The RAD party was great because I was finally able to put names with faces and I even got a special tour of the office. Each staff member brought a dish of their chosing and I felt so appreciated. The Holiday party was special and I am very grateful for the lovely company and meal, and I especially enjoyed meeting some of the other reporters at the restaurant. The Salomon office staff are so pleasant and seem to work together well, and that is very important in this industry.

Sharon O’Neill, Partner Reporter

After being an official reporter at the U.S. District Court in Greenbelt, Maryland, doing depositions is a whole different world. I’m so glad that I’m working with CRC now. People are great, easy to work with and the clients with whom I’ve been in contact have been pleasant. While I work with a few other reporting companies, CRC is at the top of my list.

Sarah Maier at Anderson, Coe & King, LLP

CRC Salomon’s prompt service, courteous staff and rapid turnaround of transcripts is the best. Thank you for making our lives so much simpler when it comes to scheduling depos!

Christine Ward, Legal Secretary at Pessin Katz Law, PA

My experience in working with CRC Salomon was very much a positive one. Their professionalism was refreshing and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again. Thank you for making scheduling a very easy and pleasant experience.

Kevin M. Soper, Esq. at Moore & Jackson, LLC

I have an active litigation practice that is continually in need of quality deposition services. For almost ten years I have utilized the services of CRC Salomon without exception and I will continue to do so. CRC Salomon’s reporters are always punctual, always pleasant and personable and, more to the point, effective and accurate in their transcription efforts. The staff at CRC Salomon is equally efficient and helpful. I have never had a concern regarding scheduling and assignments all of which are promptly confirmed in writing. I heartily recommend the services of CRC Salomon.

Sandra Toliver, Paralegal at Salsbury, Clements, Bekman, Marder & Adkins

I have been working with CRC for over three years. They are always prompt, helpful, and they never forget to call to remind me of my deposition. If I need anything regarding a deposition transcript, etc., they are only too happy to help me. Great people to work with!

Rose Marie Alcarese, Legal Administrative Assistant to James R. Chason & Raymond L. Marshall at Chason, Rosner, Leary & Marshall, LLC

When scheduling a deposition in the last 40+ years of my working for attorneys, Salomon has always been my choice of court reporters. My relationship with them dates back to the days when Price and Nancy Banister ran their business out of the Court Square Building in Baltimore City and is still continuing today. Their staff has always been personable and a pleasure to work with when scheduling depositions from noting the deposition through the completion of the invoicing process in a timely manner. I have relied on them on short notice many times and they have always pulled through and been able to provide a court reporter so that a deposition would not have to be cancelled. They have remained on the cutting edge with technology. They are just a superb company!

James Chason, Esq. at Chason, Rosner, Leary & Marshall

I have long used CRC Salomon reporters because I have never been disappointed in their professionalism, capabilities, timeliness or accuracy.

Stanley H. Katz, Esq. at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A.

I have utilized the services of CRC Salomon for 20 years and they have always rendered excellent, efficient and timely reporting. It has truly been a pleasure to work with the court reporters and personnel who respond in such a pleasant and professional manner.